Semi-commercial hot water treatments for control of bull’s eye rot of apples


  • Luna Hasna Plant & Food Research
  • Kerry R. Everett Plant & Food Research
  • Michelle J. Vergara Plant & Food Research
  • I.P. Shamini Pushparajah Plant & Food Research
  • Peter N. Wood Plant & Food Research
  • Brent M. Fisher Plant & Food Research
  • Lucia R. Ramos Plant & Food Research
  • Carol Middleditch Plant & Food Research
  • Shane Olsson Plant & Food Research
  • Agam Nangul Plant & Food Research
  • Jung Ook Cho Plant & Food Research
  • Allan B. Woolf Plant & Food Research



Bull’s eye rot (BER) of apples is caused by a postharvest fungal pathogen (Phlyctema vagabunda syn. Neofabraea alba). Previous laboratory experiments found hot water treatments (HWT) resulted in a significant reduction of BER incidence for artificially inoculated fruit so the feasibility of HWT to control naturally infected fruit in a semi-commercial trial was tested. One bin (1934 fruit) of naturally infected ‘Scired’ apples was harvested from a Hawke’s Bay orchard with a known high incidence of BER, then placed in a coolstore for 1 week until treated. All fruit were passed through a high-pressure water blaster then air dried. Approximately half the contents of the bin (1034 fruit) were packed into Friday trays in apple boxes with a plastic polyliner. The other half (900 fruit) were treated for 2 min with hot water at 51°C in a semi-commercial hot water bath before packing. All fruit were then coolstored for 20 weeks before assessment for BER. This HWT resulted in a 6-fold reduction of BER incidence so was an effective treatment for BER in a semi-commercial test.

Author Biographies

Michelle J. Vergara, Plant & Food Research

Plant Pathology

Research Associate

I.P. Shamini Pushparajah, Plant & Food Research



Peter N. Wood, Plant & Food Research

Plant Pathology


Brent M. Fisher, Plant & Food Research

Plant Pathology

Research Associate

Lucia R. Ramos, Plant & Food Research

Plant Pathology


Shane Olsson, Plant & Food Research

Fruit Crops Physiology

Research Associate



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Hasna, Luna, Kerry R. Everett, Michelle J. Vergara, I.P. Shamini Pushparajah, Peter N. Wood, Brent M. Fisher, Lucia R. Ramos, Carol Middleditch, Shane Olsson, Agam Nangul, Jung Ook Cho, and Allan B. Woolf. “Semi-Commercial Hot Water Treatments for Control of bull’s Eye Rot of Apples”. New Zealand Plant Protection 72 (July 28, 2019): 284. Accessed December 1, 2023.



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