Reviewer Guidelines and Report Form

A manuscript should be rejected if:

- it falls outside the scope of New Zealand Plant Protection

- there are insufficient data to support any useful conclusions

- results have been incorrectly interpreted

- data have not been statistically analysed (unless there is a very good reason for not doing so) 

- information in the manuscript is either not original or not new, (although review papers will be considered)

- there is insufficient information to warrant publication as a full paper.


New Zealand Plant Protection: Reviewer’s Report Form

 While reviewing the submitted manuscript, please consider the following points:

 - Is the title concise, accurate and informative?

 - Does the abstract give a clear and succinct account of what was done, methods, results and conclusion drawn? (180 words) 

Does the introduction state the scientific problem clearly and provide background information directly relevant to the reported research?  

- Are the materials and methods used adequate for the problem under investigation and sufficiently well documented to allow experiments to be repeated? Are adequate controls used? Check trial design, replication, measurements taken, etc.   

- Does the paper present substantial and novel information? Are the experimental results sufficient to justify the conclusions?    

- Is the statistical analysis adequate?  

 - Are there too many tables or figures? Do the legends adequately describe the data presented?  

 - Does the discussion adequately interpret the results and discuss them in the context of related work?  

Are the references appropriate? Are there enough/too many? Are all references cited in the text shown in the list, and vice versa?  

Is the paper well organised, clearly written and of appropriate length?  


Further comments: