Molecular detection of exotic phytopathogenic bacteria a case study involving cankerlike symptoms on citrus


  • R.K. Taylor
  • J.L. Tyson
  • R.A. Fullerton
  • C.N. Hale



Early detection and accurate diagnoses of plant diseases are crucial if New Zealands horticultural industries are to be protected from the destructive effects of new introductions of phytopathogenic bacteria Citrus canker caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv citri (Xac) was eradicated from New Zealand in 1972 but continues to be a biosecurity threat to the citrus industry here In this study we evaluated and adapted molecular diagnostic procedures for the detection of exotic phytopathogenic bacteria These techniques were used to identify the bacteria isolated from the cankerlike symptoms observed on citrus leaves in Kerikeri and allowed the elimination of Xac as the causal agent Although the symptoms were similar to citrus canker the causal agent was found to be Elsinoe fawcettii The applications of the developed techniques for accurate identification of the pathogen on citrus are discussed




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Taylor, R.K., J.L. Tyson, R.A. Fullerton, and C.N. Hale. “Molecular Detection of Exotic Phytopathogenic Bacteria a Case Study Involving Cankerlike Symptoms on Citrus”. New Zealand Plant Protection 55 (August 1, 2002): 53–57. Accessed December 6, 2022.




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