Distribution and new host records for <i>Cosmospora aurantiicola</i> and <i>Cosmospora flammea</i> entomopathogens of Diaspididae in New Zealand


  • J.L. Tyson
  • R.C. Henderson
  • R.A. Fullerton
  • L.E. Jamieson
  • K.J. Froud




Adventive armoured scale insects (Diaspididae) are of particular concern in New Zealand horticulture due to their polyphagous nature the damage they can cause and their implications in biosecurity Two important species of fungal entomopathogens recorded on armoured scale insects in New Zealand are Cosmospora aurantiicola (Fusarium larvarum) and C flammea (F coccophilum) Both have previously been recorded in New Zealand from unidentified Coccoidea; C aurantiicola has also been recorded on Hemiberlesia lataniae and H rapax During 20022003 five forays were carried out to provide further information on the host range of the species and to collect strains of the entomopathogens that may have potential as biocontrol agents for armoured scale insects Aspidiotus nerii Hemiberlesia sp Leucaspis brittini Leucaspis spp Pinnaspis dysoxyli and Eriococcus cavelli (Eriococcidae) were recorded as new host species for C flammea Hemiberlesia lataniae is reconfirmed as a host for both species




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Tyson, J., Henderson, R., Fullerton, R., Jamieson, L. and Froud, K. 2005. Distribution and new host records for &lt;i&gt;Cosmospora aurantiicola&lt;/i&gt; and &lt;i&gt;Cosmospora flammea&lt;/i&gt; entomopathogens of Diaspididae in New Zealand. New Zealand Plant Protection. 58, (Aug. 2005), 283–287. DOI:https://doi.org/10.30843/nzpp.2005.58.4264.




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