A Lucidtrade; key for common weeds of New Zealand


  • T.K. James
  • A.F. Leslie
  • A.I. Popay
  • P.D. Champion




An Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds of New Zealand was published by the New Zealand Plant Protection Society in 1998 and a second edition in 2004 This book has a key that uses flower colour and size and plant form for identification of broadleaf weeds However when no flowers are present the only recourse is to go through the book looking at the photographs Lucid Professionaltrade; is a software package produced by the University of Queensland for the production of identification or diagnostic keys The resultant Lucidtrade; key is a multiaccess key that allows identification to begin with any of the plants main characters As soon as the characters state is identified all the taxa that do not match are discarded and the process repeated until the plant is identified The information in the second edition of the book has been converted into a Lucidtrade; key that contains descriptions and illustrations for 333 taxa




How to Cite

James, T., Leslie, A., Popay, A. and Champion, P. 2004. A Lucidtrade; key for common weeds of New Zealand. New Zealand Plant Protection. 57, (Aug. 2004), 277–280. DOI:https://doi.org/10.30843/nzpp.2004.57.6972.




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