Natural enemies of bridal creeper <i>Asparagus asparagoides</i> in New Zealand


  • H.M. Harman
  • N.W. Waipara
  • C.J. Winks
  • L.A. Smith
  • P.G. Peterson
  • J.P. Wilkie



Bridal creeper is a weed of natural and productive areas in the northern North Island of New Zealand A classical biocontrol programme was initiated in 20052007 with a survey of invertebrate fauna and pathogens associated with the weed in New Zealand Although bridal creeper was attacked by a wide range of generalist invertebrates their overall damage affected <1 of total plant biomass However a specialist rust fungus Puccinia myrsiphylli which was deliberately introduced into Australia to control bridal creeper in 2000 was detected in New Zealand for the first time Our surveys indicate that it has spread autonomously over most of the weeds range in northern New Zealand Damage was often severe causing up to 100 premature defoliation It may also form a synergistic disease complex with another widespread primary fungal pathogen of bridal creeper Colletotrichum gloeosporioides The rust appears to be an effective biocontrol agent for bridal creeper in New Zealand




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Harman, H., Waipara, N., Winks, C., Smith, L., Peterson, P. and Wilkie, J. 2008. Natural enemies of bridal creeper &lt;i&gt;Asparagus asparagoides&lt;/i&gt; in New Zealand. New Zealand Plant Protection. 61, (Aug. 2008), 362–367. DOI:




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