Safety in New Zealand weed biocontrol a nationwide survey for impacts on nontarget plants


  • Q. Paynter
  • S.V. Fowler
  • A.H. Gourlay
  • M.L. Haines
  • H.M. Harman
  • S.R. Hona
  • P.G. Peterson
  • L.A. Smith
  • J.R.A. Wilson-Davey
  • C.J. Winks
  • T.M. Withers



The safety record of weed biocontrol was questioned recently when examples of damage to nontarget plants were reported overseas Until now systematic investigations of nontarget feeding have not been performed in New Zealand Results of surveys looking for evidence of nontarget damage caused by 20 biological control agents released against weeds in New Zealand are presented Most agents (16) are apparently hostspecific However two species (Tyria jacobaeae and Phytomyza vitalbae) were recorded attacking native plants although their attack was very minor and predictable from hostrange testing performed prior to release For two other species Bruchidius villosus and Cydia succedana nontarget attack was not predicted from hostrange testing Larval feeding by these species was confined to mainly weedy exotic plants that are closely related to their target plants The reliability of hostspecificity testing and overall safety record of weed biological control in New Zealand are discussed




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Paynter, Q., S.V. Fowler, A.H. Gourlay, M.L. Haines, H.M. Harman, S.R. Hona, P.G. Peterson, L.A. Smith, J.R.A. Wilson-Davey, C.J. Winks, and T.M. Withers. “Safety in New Zealand Weed Biocontrol a Nationwide Survey for Impacts on Nontarget Plants”. New Zealand Plant Protection 57 (August 1, 2004): 102–107. Accessed February 26, 2024.




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