The biocontrol information resource for ERMA New Zealand applicants (BIREA) an evaluation


  • T.D. White
  • J.M. Kean
  • B.I.P. Barratt



An evaluation of the Biocontrol Information Resource for ERMA New Zealand Applicants (BIREA http//wwwb3nzorg/birea) website was undertaken BIREA aims to assist applicants to ERMA New Zealand wishing to introduce biocontrol agents to New Zealand to submit a welldeveloped and informed application The website also has potential for educating overseas biocontrol practitioners and the general public on biological control safety ERMA New Zealand had received no new applications for import or release of biocontrol agents since the website went live in April 2007 so BIREA was evaluated by interviewing past applicants and key stakeholders In addition potential users of the site were surveyed and an analysis of internet visitors to the website was undertaken Overall BIREA was highly rated and was thought to be a useful tool by past applicants and stakeholders However for BIREA to become an effective means of public education adjustments to make the site public friendly would be required BIREA was accessed approximately hourly by a wide range of visitors from at least 55 countries




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White, T., Kean, J. and Barratt, B. 2008. The biocontrol information resource for ERMA New Zealand applicants (BIREA) an evaluation. New Zealand Plant Protection. 61, (Aug. 2008), 8–11. DOI:




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