Improving techniques for the Waxtagreg; possum (<i>Trichosurus vulpecula</i>) monitoring index


  • S.C. Ogilvie
  • A.M. Paterson
  • J.G. Ross
  • M.D. Thomas



To manage brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) accurate estimates of abundance are essential Direct counts are not feasible for large populations and index techniques are normally employed A new index technique for estimating possum abundance is the WaxTagreg; They are potentially more effective than traps because they are small easier to use very lightweight and therefore higher numbers can be set out in the field Whilst a national monitoring protocol for WaxTagreg;s has been developed it is important to determine whether improvements can be made This study investigated firstly whether luminescentcoloured WaxTagreg;s were more attractive than the WaxTagreg; with a flour blaze and secondly whether raising the WaxTagreg;s 700 mm above the ground reduced detectability Possums significantly preferred the flour blaze over luminescence and raising WaxTagreg;s did not significantly reduce detectability Accordingly WaxTagreg;s could be raised up above grounddwelling nontarget species without reducing statistical precision




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Ogilvie, S.C., A.M. Paterson, J.G. Ross, and M.D. Thomas. “Improving Techniques for the Waxtagreg; Possum (&lt;i&gt;Trichosurus vulpecula&lt;/i&Gt;) Monitoring Index”. New Zealand Plant Protection 59 (August 1, 2006): 28–33. Accessed September 27, 2021.