Optimising possum control using encapsulated cyanide (Feratoxreg;)


  • M.D. Thomas
  • F.W. Maddigan
  • J.A. Brown
  • M. Trotter




Feratoxreg; is an encapsulated cyanide product used extensively throughout New Zealand for possum control It has advantages of being lightweight and is not legally required to be checked daily as are leghold traps This study evaluated delivery methods for Feratoxreg; by comparing the number of possums killed by Feratoxreg; treatments with the number of possums killed by an industry accepted standard ie possum captures in leghold traps When Feratoxreg; was used in plastic bags coated with a rat repellent and fixed to wires located at 5 m spacings significantly less possums were killed than in traps However when applied in bait stations at 50 m intervals Feratoxreg; killed as many possums as traps especially when possums were prefed nontoxic bait Feratox was also as effective as traps when used in paper bags located on trees 20 m apart and used with a flour and icing sugar blaze This study suggests that Feratoxreg; can provide a more costeffective alternative to trapping in areas with low to medium possum densities




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Thomas, M.D., F.W. Maddigan, J.A. Brown, and M. Trotter. “Optimising Possum Control Using Encapsulated Cyanide (Feratoxreg;)”. New Zealand Plant Protection 56 (August 1, 2003): 77–80. Accessed October 23, 2021. https://journal.nzpps.org/index.php/nzpp/article/view/6089.