Novel approaches to controlling fruit pathogens


  • R.E. Beever
  • K.M. Plummer
  • K.V. Wurms



Despite many years of research fruit loss due to disease is still a major factor in fruit production worldwide Recent advances in understanding the biology of fruit pathogens and the complex interactions between host plants and pathogens offer opportunities for novel ways to better manage these diseases These opportunities are reviewed with particular reference to the major fruit pathogens (Botrytis Colletotrichum Cryptosporiopsis Monilinia and Venturia) and fruit crops (kiwifruit apple grape avocado and stonefruit) in New Zealand Approaches based on fungal biology include the possible use of fungal viruses as biocontrol agents the use of reducedpathogenicity strains of pathogens as biocontrol agents and using fungal genomic data and molecular techniques to identify key pathogenicity factors as targets for novel control products Approaches based on host defence mechanisms include enhancing expression of host defence responses such as antifungal proteins and volatiles through markerassisted breeding and postharvest treatments




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Beever, R.E., K.M. Plummer, and K.V. Wurms. “Novel Approaches to Controlling Fruit Pathogens”. New Zealand Plant Protection 58 (August 1, 2005): 68–73. Accessed June 3, 2023.




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