Comparison of weed control techniques to establish three ground cover species


  • C.L. Foo
  • K.C. Harrington
  • M.B. MacKay



Weed control strategies for establishing three ground cover species were investigated by planting them in late spring then assessing eight different control treatments during the following 14 months The prostrate woody Coprosma acerosa Taiko established best with black weed mat mulch and EcoCover paper mulch although bark mulches also gave reasonable establishment rates The brittle succulent Sedum mexicanum Acapulco Gold also established well with black weed mat and paper mulch although a sawdust mulch was particularly suitable The frostprone Polygonum capitatum which regrows readily from seed did best with soil kept bare by handhoeing or selective herbicides although the paper mulch also rated well Thus the best weed control strategy varied depending on the characteristics of the ground cover being established Other considerations including relative costs are also discussed




How to Cite

Foo, C.L., K.C. Harrington, and M.B. MacKay. “Comparison of Weed Control Techniques to Establish Three Ground Cover Species”. New Zealand Plant Protection 63 (August 1, 2010): 96–101. Accessed September 24, 2023.




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