Comparison of two methods for sampling thrips in nectarines in spring


  • P.L. Lo
  • G.F. McLaren



Thrips were sampled by tapping 200 nectarine branches and collecting dislodged insects on a plate or by picking 200 flowers (or fruitlets postflower) and passively extracting thrips using heat Both methods were tested in various weather conditions and at different times of day More thrips were collected by tapping branches than picking flowers/fruitlets particularly postflowering However catches from tapping were greatly influenced by wind speed; temperature had less effect than wind Picking flowers gave more consistent results during bloom than tapping branches and also collected larvae The age of flowers and their aspect on the tree did not affect catches Tapping branches was the better method for export crops where sampling needs to continue after petal fall The picking method is suitable where there is a greater tolerance for thrips damage such as fruit destined for the domestic market




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Lo, P. and McLaren, G. 2003. Comparison of two methods for sampling thrips in nectarines in spring. New Zealand Plant Protection. 56, (Aug. 2003), 151–156. DOI:




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