Release of a new biological control agent <i>Cotesia urabae</i> against <i>Uraba lugens</i> in New Zealand


  • G. Avila
  • L.A. Berndt



In July 2010 the Environmental Risk Management Authority New Zealand gave approval to Scion to release the parasitoid Cotesia urabae (Hymenoptera Braconidae) as a biological control agent for the gum leaf skeletonizer Uraba lugens (Lepidoptera Noctuidae) in New Zealand as part of a project supported by the Sustainable Farming Fund To date four releases of the biological control agent have been made three at the Auckland Domain and one at the Manukau Memorial Gardens Further releases will be made to ensure establishment Three C urabae cocoons were found 1 month after the first release suggesting initial establishment Monitoring is continuing to determine if the population persists It is predicted that the introduction of C urabae into New Zealand will (1) lead to a decrease in the existing population of U lugens (2) have no impacts on nontarget species and (3) provide socioeconomic benefits such as reducing the number of encounters between humans and caterpillars (and therefore decreasing the incidence of allergic responses) and reducing the substantial costs associated with maintaining the utility of eucalypts for wood and pulp production and the costs of protecting or replacing amenity trees




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Avila, G. and Berndt, L. 2011. Release of a new biological control agent &lt;i&gt;Cotesia urabae&lt;/i&gt; against &lt;i&gt;Uraba lugens&lt;/i&gt; in New Zealand. New Zealand Plant Protection. 64, (Jan. 2011), 282–282. DOI:



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