Effect of <i>Serratia entomophila</i> and diazinon applied with seed against grass grub populations on the North Island volcanic plateau


  • S.M. Zydenbos
  • R.J. Townsend
  • P.M.S. Lane
  • S. Mansfield
  • M. O?Callaghan
  • C. van_Koten
  • T.A. Jackson




The bacterial biocontrol agent Serratia entomophila and the insecticide diazinon were applied as separate granular formulations with ryegrass seed and compared with a seedonly control treatment on three pastures of different ages and composition on the North Island volcanic plateau In the first 2 years diazinon and S entomophila significantly reduced healthy grass grub populations compared with the control However by the third year populations in the diazinon treatments had recovered and were significantly higher than in S entomophila or control plots Grass grub populations were reduced by disease outbreaks after S entomophila was applied which infected >40 of grass grub larvae in the treated plots in year two Bacterial extraction from soil a year after application confirmed establishment and persistence of S entomophila in treated plots Visual positive pasture growth responses were noted in both the S entomophila and diazinontreated plots




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Zydenbos, S.M., R.J. Townsend, P.M.S. Lane, S. Mansfield, M. O?Callaghan, C. van_Koten, and T.A. Jackson. “Effect of &lt;i&gt;Serratia entomophila&lt;/i&gt; And Diazinon Applied With Seed Against Grass Grub Populations on the North Island Volcanic Plateau”. New Zealand Plant Protection 69 (January 8, 2016): 86–93. Accessed February 26, 2024. https://journal.nzpps.org/index.php/nzpp/article/view/5919.




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