Life cycle and massrearing of <i>Hylurgus ligniperda</i> using a novel eggcollection method


  • G.K. Clare
  • E.M. George



The goldenhaired bark beetle Hylurgus ligniperda (Coleoptera Scolytidae) is an insect of quarantine concern associated with Pinus radiata in New Zealand Exported logs are fumigated with methyl bromide (MB) before departure or on arrival Research is under way to find alternatives to MB for logs and to manage emissions This research requires large numbers of all stages of H ligniperda to identify effective treatments The study reports the first laboratory method for rearing large numbers of all life stages of H ligniperda A novel oviposition device enabled efficient egg collection Larvae were reared from eggs inoculated directly into artificial diet Life cycle data were obtained for all the developmental stages of H ligniperda Six continuous generations were produced with each generation taking a minimum of 72 days Females laid an average of 30919 eggs each Almost 70 of the eggs formed adults via four larval instars and a pupal stage




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Clare, G. and George, E. 2016. Life cycle and massrearing of &lt;i&gt;Hylurgus ligniperda&lt;/i&gt; using a novel eggcollection method. New Zealand Plant Protection. 69, (Jan. 2016), 143–152. DOI:




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