Parasitoids of leafrollers (LepidopteraTortricidae) from scrub vegetation near horticultural areas in Nelson


  • P.W. Shaw
  • D.R. Wallis



Leafroller larvae and pupae were collected during timed searches in January and April 2013 from host plants at six scrub vegetation sites in two Nelson horticultural districts approximately 40 km apart The numbers of leafrollers and parasitoid species recovered were similar in both districts Most of the leafroller larvae collected were Epiphyas postvittana (Walker) (lightbrown apple moth LBAM) and most of these were found on gorse and broom In total 293 larvae and 11 pupae were reared successfully with 39 parasitism A wide diversity of parasitoids was recovered comprising 10 species from five families with Dolichogenidea tasmanica (Braconidae) the most common (80) The diversity of parasitoids and parasitism of leafrollers in unmanaged environments outside orchards may help to reduce leafroller pressure and the risk of fruit infestation in surrounding commercial orchards




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Shaw, P.W., and D.R. Wallis. “Parasitoids of Leafrollers (LepidopteraTortricidae) from Scrub Vegetation Near Horticultural Areas in Nelson”. New Zealand Plant Protection 68 (January 8, 2015): 193–196. Accessed October 1, 2023.




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