Use of sulfuryl fluoride as an alternative fumigant to methyl bromide in export log fumigation


  • Z. Zhang



As the deadline for phasing out the use of methyl bromide as a fumigant approaches alternative fumigants are being evaluated Sulfuryl fluoride has emerged as a promising alternative and is gaining increasing acceptance in Europe This study showed that sulfuryl fluoride was an effective fumigant for the control of Arhopalus tristis adults at the lowest concentration tested (15 g/m3) while 120 g/m3 was required for full control of A tristis eggs Sulfuryl fluoride also gave total control of Hylastes ater adults and larvae at 15 g/m3 Sulfuryl fluoride showed potential to control the eight fungi tested in this study with a concentration level of at least 30 g/m3 required for full control of the eight fungi tested




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Zhang, Z. “Use of Sulfuryl Fluoride As an Alternative Fumigant to Methyl Bromide in Export Log Fumigation”. New Zealand Plant Protection 59 (August 1, 2006): 223–227. Accessed September 27, 2021.




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