The incidence of New Zealand flower thrips in stonefruit orchards between flowering and harvest


  • G.F. McLaren
  • P.A. Alspach



New Zealand flower thrips Thrips obscuratus (Crawford) (NZFT) feeds on the nectar and pollen of stonefruit flowers and was thought to then disappear from orchards for 23 months until the fruit ripen Aerial populations of NZFT were sampled in Central Otago orchards using white sticky traps Samples were taken in a peach orchard for 6 months from flowering until after harvest and in two cherry orchards for six weeks during harvest In all three orchards populations of NZFT reached high numbers in December In the peach block NZFT numbers peaked in December several weeks before the fruit began to ripen It was concluded that NZFT can live in stonefruit orchards probably feeding on newly emerged leaves of peaches or cherries or in the vegetation of the irrigated orchard floor Trapped thrips could also have come from other blocks within the larger orchard areas or from outside sources




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McLaren, G.F., and P.A. Alspach. “The Incidence of New Zealand Flower Thrips in Stonefruit Orchards Between Flowering and Harvest”. New Zealand Plant Protection 59 (August 1, 2006): 63–68. Accessed January 28, 2022.




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