The effect of mulching on adult emergence of Kellys citrus thrips (<i>Pezothrips kellyanus</i>)


  • L.E. Jamieson
  • P.S. Stevens



Kellys citrus thrips (Pezothrips kellyanus) (KCT) is a key pest of citrus in New Zealand Many insecticides used to control KCT cause outbreaks of secondary pests or market restrictions due to chemical residues Effective control of KCT is likely to consist of integrating a variety of approaches Increasing mortality of the soildwelling pupal stages by using organic mulches to increase the biological activity in the soil is one approach A field trial compared compost/woody mulch under lemon trees with normal weedy ground cover Significantly fewer (Plt;0001) adult KCT emerged under trees with mulch (35 thrips in February) compared to trees that had not received mulch (227 thrips in February) The organic mulch beneath citrus trees increased the number predatory mites in the soil There were 58 different species of soil mites that could potentially feed on KCT pupae The physical environment of the mulch may also contribute to reduced emergence of adult thrips




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Jamieson, L. and Stevens, P. 2006. The effect of mulching on adult emergence of Kellys citrus thrips (&lt;i&gt;Pezothrips kellyanus&lt;/i&gt;). New Zealand Plant Protection. 59, (Aug. 2006), 42–46. DOI:




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