Monoxenic culture of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus <i>Scutellospora calospora</i> and RiTDNA transformed carrot roots


  • J. Kandula
  • A. Stewart
  • H.J. Ridgway



This paper presents the first report of cultivation of Scutellospora calospora with RiTDNA transformed carrot (Daucus carota L) roots Carrot root transformation was done using Agrobacterium rhizogenes Spore germination tests were conducted on 6 water agar and minimal media to assess the time taken for germination Morphological characteristics of extraradical mycelium intraradical mycelium branched absorbing structures and auxiliary cell formation were recorded Auxiliary cell formation started within 35 days of root contact and continued until 2 months There was an extensive thick brown extraradical mycelial development following root infection but spore formation was low (four spores) and was observed only after 8 months Spores were full of oil globules and were produced on MSR medium but not M medium




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Kandula, J., Stewart, A. and Ridgway, H. 2006. Monoxenic culture of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus &lt;i&gt;Scutellospora calospora&lt;/i&gt; and RiTDNA transformed carrot roots. New Zealand Plant Protection. 59, (Aug. 2006), 97–102. DOI:




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