Sticky pane monitoring of Froggatts apple leafhopper and two beneficial insects in three orchard management systems


  • D.M. Suckling
  • A.R. Gibb
  • G.M. Burnip



A convenient monitoring system for a range of pipfruit arthropods was investigated as part of the development of Integrated Fruit Production for apples The monitoring system based on clear sticky panes was used to monitor adults of Froggatts apple leafhopper (Edwardsiana crataegi) and two beneficial insects (Sejanus albisignata and Micromus tasmaniae) in Canterbury apple orchards under three management regimes over three seasons The results reconfirmed the presence of two generations of Froggatts apple leafhopper and S albisignata in Canterbury Differences in pest and beneficial insect abundance were evident between the three orchard production systems Numbers of S albisignata were consistently lowest in the conventional fruit production system but this was not the case for M tasmaniae or E crataegi




How to Cite

Suckling, D.M., A.R. Gibb, and G.M. Burnip. “Sticky Pane Monitoring of Froggatts Apple Leafhopper and Two Beneficial Insects in Three Orchard Management Systems”. New Zealand Plant Protection 54 (August 1, 2001): 1–9. Accessed December 8, 2023.




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