AgPest — a decision support tool for New Zealand’s pastoral industry


  • K.N. Tozer AgResearch, Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton 3214, New Zealand
  • T.K. James AgResearch, Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton 3214, New Zealand
  • C. Ferguson AgResearch, Invermay Agricultural Centre, Mosgiel 9053, New Zealand
  • A. Meikle Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Oamaru 9444, New Zealand



AgPest is a website ( that provides relevant, up-to-date and independent information on the identification and control of pastoral pests and weeds to support New Zealand farmers and rural professionals with decision making around pest and weed management. In addition, AgPest provides timely advice that will reduce the need for ‘fire-fighting’ decisions, late treatment and, sometimes, pesticide use. The ultimate goal is to reduce the economic impact of pastoral weed control (estimated impact ≈ NZ$ 1.2 billion p.a.) and invertebrate pests (estimated impact ≈ $4.1 billion p.a.) through more targeted management, thereby increasing pasture persistence and productivity.

Since its launch in 2011, AgResearch scientists have added over 100 entries (70 weeds and 32 pests), each with information on the weed or pest biology, management and impact. An identification tool and pictures assist users to rapidly and accurately identify weeds and pests. In collaboration with Beef + Lamb New Zealand, alerts on weeds and pests are disseminated through various social media channels. This provides farmers with timely information that enables a rapid response, which is often critical to minimise the impact of weeds and pests. Key features of AgPest will be displayed.




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Tozer, K.N., T.K. James, C. Ferguson, and A. Meikle. “AgPest — a Decision Support Tool for New Zealand’s Pastoral Industry”. New Zealand Plant Protection 70 (July 31, 2017): 327. Accessed June 4, 2023.



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