Guava moth in New Zealand distribution hosts life cycle observations and discussion of pesticide management options


  • L.E. Jamieson
  • J.J. Dymock
  • T.E. Dawson
  • K.J. Froud
  • D.S. Seldon
  • D.M. Suckling
  • A.R. Gibb



Guava moth was first observed in New Zealand in 1997 Little is known of this species in its native Australia where it is not considered a pest In New Zealand guava moths laid their eggs at the stem and style end and in cracks and crevices on fruit and the resulting larvae fed internally on fruits Pupation occurred in loose soil and debris in the orchard and in sawdust beneath fruits in the laboratory In July 2003 guava moth distribution as determined by pheromone trap catches was limited to Northland where adult males were found north of and including Whangarei Heads No moths were trapped in Auckland Waikato or Bay of Plenty Larvae were collected from a range of introduced fruits in Northland during all months of the year However no larvae were found in samples of nearly ripe native berries Control options for guava moth are discussed




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Jamieson, L.E., J.J. Dymock, T.E. Dawson, K.J. Froud, D.S. Seldon, D.M. Suckling, and A.R. Gibb. “Guava Moth in New Zealand Distribution Hosts Life Cycle Observations and Discussion of Pesticide Management Options”. New Zealand Plant Protection 57 (August 1, 2004): 13–19. Accessed December 4, 2023.




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