Colonisation of renovated pastures in Waikato by four coleopteran species


  • S. Hardwick



In autumn 1998 a farm scale replicated field trial was established in Waikato New Zealand to measure the productivity of combinations of old and new ryegrass and white clover cultivars Colonisation in the first two years of the trial by Costelytra zealandica Heteronychus arator Naupactus leucoloma and Sitona lepidus was monitored By the end of winter 2000 no difference in densities of any of the pest species monitored could be attributed to cultivar treatments However dispersal behaviour and soil type did have a significant effect on pest densities Naupactus leucoloma which disperses by walking was found in greatest densities on the edges of the trial Costelytra zealandica which disperses by flying was initially aggregated in paddocks with shelterbelts Heavy infestations of H arator which also disperses by flying were associated with good soil drainage Sitona lepidus which disperses by flying was evenly distributed across the trial




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Hardwick, S. 2004. Colonisation of renovated pastures in Waikato by four coleopteran species. New Zealand Plant Protection. 57, (Aug. 2004), 304–309. DOI:




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