Relationship between seedbank and aboveground botanical composition during spring


  • K.N. Tozer
  • G.M. Barker
  • C.A. Cameron
  • T.K. James



Poor pasture persistence and ingress of weedy species are major concerns for farmers The seedbank gives an indication of what weedy species may establish in pastures and compete with sown species It was hypothesised that the aboveground composition reflects the seedbank The seedbank was sampled and botanical assessments were undertaken during OctoberNovember 2009 in Northland Waikato Taranaki and North Canterbury Aboveground botanical composition did not reflect the weed seedbank composition in any of the regions assessed While cover of grasses was greater than legumes and herbs aboveground weedy herbs were most dominant in the seedbank followed by grasses then legumes There was no emergence of sown grass from the seedbank highlighting the lack of a persistent sown grass seedbank which may contribute to poor pasture persistence




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Tozer, K., Barker, G., Cameron, C. and James, T. 2010. Relationship between seedbank and aboveground botanical composition during spring. New Zealand Plant Protection. 63, (Aug. 2010), 90–95. DOI:




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