The effect of temperature and scarification method on gorse (<i>Ulex europaeus L</i>) seed germination


  • C.R. Sixtus
  • G.D. Hill
  • R.R. Scott



As part of a study of gorse (Ulex europaeus L) biocontrol the scarification requirements to maximise germination of freshly harvested seed were investigated Both time of immersion in concentrated sulphuric acid (36N) and incubation temperature were critical Optimum incubation temperature was 15C (mean germination 65) The sulphuric acid treatments that gave the highest percentage of germinated seeds were 180 and 210 min immersion with incubation at 15C giving a mean germination of 81 The mean control germination over all incubation temperatures was 10 Hot water immersion did not significantly increase germination when compared with the unscarified control treatment Mechanical scarification gave a mean germination over all temperatures of 35; the highest germination was again at 15C (48)




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Sixtus, C.R., G.D. Hill, and R.R. Scott. “The Effect of Temperature and Scarification Method on Gorse (&lt;i&gt;Ulex Europaeus L&lt;/i&Gt;) Seed Germination”. New Zealand Plant Protection 56 (August 1, 2003): 201–205. Accessed March 26, 2023.




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