Physiological response of grapevines to vascular pathogens a review


  • D.C. Mundy
  • M.A. Manning



The successful infection of a grapevine vascular system by a plant pathogen and expression of disease symptoms occur only when the pathogen has overcome the wound response and other defences of the vine Even when pathogens do successfully infect the vascular system of grapevines symptom expression is not often observed in the first season Symptoms may be observed in one year but the same vine can have reduced or no symptoms the following season Information is presented on physiological stress in association with trunk diseases as one factor that may contribute to symptom expression in vines A hypothesis of grapevine wound response is proposed as part of the discussion of vine physiological response Information on individual trunk diseases and physiological interactions is also provided




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Mundy, D.C., and M.A. Manning. “Physiological Response of Grapevines to Vascular Pathogens a Review”. New Zealand Plant Protection 64 (January 8, 2011): 7–16. Accessed February 26, 2024.




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