Use of mating disruption for control of New Zealand leafrollers in apple orchards


  • J.T.S. Walker
  • D.J. Rogers
  • P.L. Lo
  • D.M. Suckling
  • A.M. El-Sayed
  • T.M. Fraser
  • R.M. Horner



Leafrollers are important pests of apples and infested fruit can result in rejection of export consignments Leafroller mating disruption using a pheromone blend with activity against three species was examined in 12 Hawkes Bay orchards over two seasons (200910 and 201011) Pheromone dispensers (600/ha) and a single insecticide were applied to trees in early November and subsequent insecticide use was based on leafroller pheromone trapping and thresholds The pheromone blend substantially suppressed mating of virgin female lightbrown apple moth in treated orchards and reduced male catch in pheromone traps by up to 98 compared with the season prior to implementation Insecticide use for leafroller control decreased accordingly from 2127 insecticides per block in 2008/09 to 1018 in 2010/11 Leafroller control using mating disruption was acceptable fruit damage varied from 03 to 016 and no leafroller larvae were found on fruit in both field assessments and phytosanitary inspections of packed cartons




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Walker, J., Rogers, D., Lo, P., Suckling, D., El-Sayed, A., Fraser, T. and Horner, R. 2011. Use of mating disruption for control of New Zealand leafrollers in apple orchards. New Zealand Plant Protection. 64, (Jan. 2011), 215–221. DOI:




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