Ecology and control of grapevine root diseases in New Zealand a review


  • D.C. Mundy



Grapevine root diseases can result in economic loss during vineyard establishment Symptoms may not be noticed in vineyards until vines die The death of young vines as a result of root rots can be a point of contention between the grower and the nursery supplying the plants In New Zealand root diseases include black foot rot (caused by Cylindrocarpon spp) verticillium wilt (caused by Verticillium dahlia) phytophthora root rot (caused by various Phytophthora spp) and armillaria root rot (caused in New Zealand by Armillaria novaezelandiae and A limonea) Of these diseases black foot rot is the most commonly observed in the field in New Zealand and has received the most study This review provides information on symptoms causal organisms disease cycles and where available control of grapevine root rots under New Zealand conditions




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Mundy, D.C. “Ecology and Control of Grapevine Root Diseases in New Zealand a Review”. New Zealand Plant Protection 68 (January 8, 2015): 396–404. Accessed May 28, 2023.




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