The effect of copper on the uptake and translocation of spirotetramat insecticide on kiwifruit


  • D.B. Horgan
  • R.E. Gaskin



Spirotetramat (Movento) is a systemic insecticide that is used to control scale insects on kiwifruit The use of protectant copper sprays on kiwifruit has become increasingly common due to the bacterial disease Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae This study investigated the interaction of copper with spirotetramat and how it influenced the uptake and translocation of spirotetramat within the plant Movento 100SC sprays should not be tank with copper sprays because the uptake and translocation of spirotetramat is likely to be compromised These negative effects were minimised when an organosilicone/organic fluid blend adjuvant (DuWett) was included in the tank mix Preand post spray applications of copper at least 1 week either side of spirotetramat applications are unlikely to significantly affect the uptake and translocation of spirotetramat and thus have any effect on its activity There were no marked differences between two commercial copper formulations in their effects on spirotetramat uptake but minor differences in translocation were observed




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Horgan, D.B., and R.E. Gaskin. “The Effect of Copper on the Uptake and Translocation of Spirotetramat Insecticide on Kiwifruit”. New Zealand Plant Protection 68 (January 8, 2015): 26–31. Accessed December 3, 2023.




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