Resistance of <i>Venturia inaequalis</i> to demethylation inhibitor and dodine fungicides in four New Zealand applegrowing regions


  • R.M. Beresford
  • P.J. Wright
  • P.N. Wood
  • N.M. Park
  • N.J. Larsen
  • B.M. Fisher



A survey of 41 apple orchards in Hawkes Bay (25) Nelson (7) Otago (4) and Waikato (5) provided 796 isolates of Venturia inaequalis (black spot or scab) which were tested using an agar plate assay for sensitivity to two demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicides (myclobutanil and penconazole) and to dodine Each fungicide was used at two concentrations to distinguish between highly sensitive sensitive and resistant isolates Sensitivity to DMIs in all regions was lower than baseline sensitivity in previous studies particularly for myclobutanil Waikato showed significantly lower DMI sensitivity than other regions Dodine sensitivity was greater than in the 1990s although Otago isolates were significantly less dodinesensitive than those from other regions In a plant inoculation assay to test control by five DMI fungicides of disease caused by resistant isolates flusilazol and difenoconazole gave significantly better disease control of resistant isolates than myclobutanil penconazole or fenbuconazole at standard field rates




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Beresford, R.M., P.J. Wright, P.N. Wood, N.M. Park, N.J. Larsen, and B.M. Fisher. “Resistance of &lt;i&gt;Venturia inaequalis&lt;/i&gt; To Demethylation Inhibitor and Dodine Fungicides in Four New Zealand Applegrowing Regions”. New Zealand Plant Protection 66 (January 8, 2013): 274–283. Accessed June 5, 2023.




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