Recent progress on detecting understanding and controlling <i>Pseudomonas syringae</i> pv <i>actinidiae</i> a short review


  • J.L. Vanneste



In the last few years the causal agent of bacterial canker of kiwifruit Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae (Psa) has become a global pathogen of economic importance Since the beginning of this global outbreak many laboratories in the world have been working on Psa Today it is known that Psa is not a homogeneous pathovar and tools that allow the distinction between biovars (subpathovar classification) have been developed The whole genome sequence of several strains of Psa has now been published Some of the assumptions on the life cycle (ports of entry epiphytic survival etc) made in the early days of the outbreak have now been confirmed Although few new methods have been found to control Psa there is now a better understanding of how to reduce the incidence of this disease This paper reviews the progress made in understanding the pathogen the disease and how to control it




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Vanneste, J. 2013. Recent progress on detecting understanding and controlling &lt;i&gt;Pseudomonas syringae&lt;/i&gt; pv &lt;i&gt;actinidiae&lt;/i&gt; a short review. New Zealand Plant Protection. 66, (Jan. 2013), 170–177. DOI:




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