The seed bug <i>Nysius caledoniae</i> recently established in New Zealand is it a crop pest


  • G.M. Burnip
  • S. George



Nysius caledoniae was first detected in 2006 on a Pukekohe lettuce crop Species designation was initially not possible but subsequent taxonomic review of the Nysius genus concluded it was Nysius caledoniae (Lygaeidae); synonymous with N turneri N cleavelandensis and N pacificus Previous unidentified Nysius specimens were subsequently identified as N caledoniae the earliest from Auckland in 2003 suggesting establishment prior to 2006 A recent Northland collection was 188 km north of Pukekohe Its actual New Zealand distribution is likely much greater Its biology is similar to N huttoni Primary food sources are Asteraceae weed seeds It has potential as a quarantine pest on export crops similar to N huttoni For example in USA preclearance apple export inspections N huttoni accounted for ca 13 of all phytosanitary inspection failures during 1994




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Burnip, G.M., and S. George. “The Seed Bug &lt;i&gt;Nysius caledoniae&lt;/i&gt; Recently Established in New Zealand Is It a Crop Pest”. New Zealand Plant Protection 65 (January 8, 2012): 291–291. Accessed October 27, 2021.



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