Control of plant pathogens practical experiments in eradication


  • J.D. Fletcher
  • F.A. Shah
  • R.C. Butler
  • S.L.H. Viljanen-Rollinson
  • M.V. Marroni



There have been relatively few attempts to eradicate plant pathogens once they have established themselves in New Zealand However when concerted attempts are made very often there have been some notable successes (eg citrus canker and common smut of maize) For a successful eradication of a plant pathogen simple practical tools are needed This research describes a series of experimental applications demonstrating the potential to eradicate seedborne fungal and bacterial pathogens and nematode incursions In simulated incursions seedborne pathogens of celery were eradicated from experimental plots using solarisation and spray chemicals singly or in combination In a simulated cyst nematode incursion Globodera rostochiensis was successfully controlled using heat treatment rather than chemical pesticides Variations on these methods could be tailored to contain and eradicate biosecurity incursions




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Fletcher, J., Shah, F., Butler, R., Viljanen-Rollinson, S. and Marroni, M. 2009. Control of plant pathogens practical experiments in eradication. New Zealand Plant Protection. 62, (Aug. 2009), 409–409. DOI:



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