Development of biologicallybased products for control of <i>Botrytis</i> in wine grapes


  • P.A.G. Elmer
  • F.J. Parry
  • T. Reglinski



Bunch rot of grapes caused by Botrytis cinerea is responsible for crop losses exceeding 30 under favourable disease conditions The potential for greater losses exists due to a marketdriven industrywide shift towards nil pesticide residues spray programmes Plant Food Research is developing nil residue biological and natural products in partnership with New Zealand Winegrowers Technology New Zealand the Foundation for Research Science and Technology and BotryZen Limited The biological product BOTRYZen based upon Ulocladium oudemansii (Patent PCT/NZ01/00111) is applied early season for control of Botrytis and ARMOURZen a chitosanbased natural product formulation is applied mid and late season and complements BOTRYZen Two developmental products NP2 (PCT/NZ2005/000167) and BCAL1 have provided excellent control of Botrytis during mid to late season NP2 is a plantbased natural product suitable for use mid season while BCAL1 colonises the berry surface thereby preventing Botrytis infection preharvest These field trial results demonstrate that nil residue full season biological control of Botrytis is achievable with crop losses being similar to those under current fungicidebased spray programmes




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Elmer, P., Parry, F. and Reglinski, T. 2009. Development of biologicallybased products for control of &lt;i&gt;Botrytis&lt;/i&gt; in wine grapes. New Zealand Plant Protection. 62, (Aug. 2009), 397–397. DOI:



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