Miticides against citrus red mites (<i>Panonychus citri</i>)


  • L.E. Jamieson
  • P.S. Stevens



Citrus red mite (CRM) Panonychus citri is only a significant pest of citrus in New Zealand when the broadspectrum activity of insecticides targeting other key pests disrupts the activity of its natural enemies The longterm solution to CRM control is to eliminate the use of disruptive agrichemicals but until this happens effective miticides are needed to control CRM Two smallplot field trials were conducted in 2004 and 2005 in a lemon orchard in Kerikeri In the first trial two applications of milbemectin abamectin fenpyroximate or propargite were effective against eggs and motile life stages Oil at 1 was not as effective as milbemectin at suppressing the incidence of eggs on leaves 6 weeks after application but was more effective than a 05 rate In the second trial the Stethorus sp ladybird and Agistemus longisetus predatory mite reduced CRM populations in both unsprayed trees and trees treated with miticides




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Jamieson, L. and Stevens, P. 2009. Miticides against citrus red mites (&lt;i&gt;Panonychus citri&lt;/i&gt;). New Zealand Plant Protection. 62, (Aug. 2009), 302–309. DOI:




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