Attraction of adult <i>Costelytra zealandica</i> to 4hydroxybenzaldehyde


  • R.B. Chapman



Field experiments were conducted to determine the attraction of adult Costelytra zealandica (White) to phenol the sex pheromone for this species and the phenolic aldehyde 4hydroxybenzaldehyde when presented separately and in a mixture in traps Aqueous phenol and 4hydroxybenzaldehyde in acetone were equally attractive to beetles when presented separately in traps; a mixture of aqueous phenol and 4hydroxybenzaldehyde in acetone also attracted similar numbers of beetles to either chemical alone When the two chemicals were presented in separate tubes in the same trap ca 2fold greater numbers of beetles were attracted than with either component alone Supplementary experiments showed solvent type and age of solution had no influence on the attractiveness of 4hydroxybenzaldehyde when presented alone in traps A possible explanation for the role of 4hydroxybenzaldehyde a component of some host plants of C zealandica acting in concert with the sex pheromone of this species is briefly discussed




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Chapman, R.B. “Attraction of Adult &lt;i&gt;Costelytra zealandica&lt;/i&gt; To 4hydroxybenzaldehyde”. New Zealand Plant Protection 62 (August 1, 2009): 205–210. Accessed December 8, 2021.




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