Recording and reporting pesticide use in the onion and brassica industries


  • D.T. Bewsell
  • A. Kira



Understanding how growers monitor their own pesticide use helps determine the most appropriate tools for recordkeeping To investigate pesticide recording and reporting in the onion and brassica industries a telephone survey of 122 farmers was conducted in July 2008 Most respondents were recording pesticide use (n118 97) There were significant differences between domestic and exportfocussed growers Exportfocussed growers were more likely to have electronic systems for recording pesticide use and were more likely to use the information for calculating and reducing production costs Approximately 90 of growers indicated that records were useful to help meet regulatory requirements and provide information for residue or spray drift queries The ability to trace pesticide use to individual properties was considered important by 90 of growers as long as there was industry control over access to that information These results have implications for the design and implementation of Decision Support Systems for pesticide use




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Bewsell, D.T., and A. Kira. “Recording and Reporting Pesticide Use in the Onion and Brassica Industries”. New Zealand Plant Protection 62 (August 1, 2009): 328–332. Accessed December 4, 2021.




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