The insect pest complex of <i>Actinidia arguta</i> kiwifruit


  • C.E. Mckenna
  • S.J. Dobson
  • J.M. Phare



The key insect pests of Actinidia arguta kiwifruit were determined by monitoring tagged fruit bunches for insects and insect damage in six orchard blocks from fruit set in November 2007 until harvest in February 2008 and by examining samples of picked fruit at harvest The proportion of fruit damaged by leafroller feeding increased throughout the entire growing season and live caterpillars were present on picked fruit at harvest Greenhouse thrips damage to fruit was noticeable from mid January Armoured scale insects and mealybugs were recorded on the fruit from December but most infestations occurred during the month prior to harvest Leafrollers and greenhouse thrips are the key production pests while leafrollers greedy scale and some mealybug species are potential quarantine species All three commercial A arguta cultivars grown in the Bay of Plenty are susceptible to the key pest species




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Mckenna, C., Dobson, S. and Phare, J. 2009. The insect pest complex of &lt;i&gt;Actinidia arguta&lt;/i&gt; kiwifruit. New Zealand Plant Protection. 62, (Aug. 2009), 262–267. DOI: