Seasonal phenology of Australian citrus whitefly (<i>Orchamoplatus citri</i>) in New Zealand


  • L.E. Jamieson
  • A. Chhagan
  • C. Curtis



Australian citrus whitefly (ACWF) was first detected in Auckland in 2000 It has since spread to Kerikeri Gisborne and Bay of Plenty where it causes sooty mould problems and possibly reduction in fruit colour and tree health issues The seasonal phenology of ACWF life stages and presence of natural enemies were assessed in citrus orchards in Kerikeri Auckland and Gisborne ACWF overwintered as a fourth instar/pupal stage In Kerikeri and Auckland the main adult emergence period was midOctober to January with distinct periods when each immature life stage was present In March a small percentage of the fourth instar/pupal population emerged as adults while the remainder overwintered before emerging the following spring Clear and distinct periods when eggs crawlers and nymphal stages were present were not seen in Gisborne No parasitoids emerged from sampled ACWF and none of the predators collected in this survey appeared have any significant impact on the high ACWF populations observed




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Jamieson, L., Chhagan, A. and Curtis, C. 2009. Seasonal phenology of Australian citrus whitefly (&lt;i&gt;Orchamoplatus citri&lt;/i&gt;) in New Zealand. New Zealand Plant Protection. 62, (Aug. 2009), 69–75. DOI:




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