An analysis of latania scale (<i>Hemiberlesia lataniae</i>) crawler settlement behaviour on kiwifruit leaves and bark


  • M.G. Hill
  • T. Holmes



Time lapse photography was used in the laboratory to observe the settlement behaviour of Hemiberlesia latania crawlers on kiwifruit leaf discs and canes to the point of construction of the white cap No differences were detected in cap construction behaviour on Actinidia chinensis Hort16A and A deliciosa Hayward despite the fact that the insect invariably dies 12 weeks after settlement on A chinensis Hort16A Cap construction was accomplished through regular and alternate circular turning movements from right to left around a point on the substrate to which the insect is anchored by its stylet The rate of turn increases to a maximum 23 h after settlement and from that point declines At its maximum period of activity the insect turns through an arc >360 The implications of these results for measuring and understanding host selection behaviour by this highly polyphagous insect are discussed




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Hill, M. and Holmes, T. 2009. An analysis of latania scale (&lt;i&gt;Hemiberlesia lataniae&lt;/i&gt;) crawler settlement behaviour on kiwifruit leaves and bark. New Zealand Plant Protection. 62, (Aug. 2009), 56–62. DOI:




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