A novel analysis of the risk of fresh produce imports


  • E.R. Frampton
  • K. Nalder




The types of organisms detected entering New Zealand on fresh produce (ie organisms intercepted during inspection at the border and/or intercepted postborder) were compared with the types of organisms that have recently been reported as established in New Zealand (ie organisms with population(s) detected and/or reported for the first time in New Zealand) Of the 420 newtoNew Zealand records from 1990 2007 657 and 338 were pathogens and invertebrates respectively In contrast over 96 of 19127 border interception identification records and 499 postborder interception records from 20032006 were invertebrates Of the 104 newtoNew Zealand insect and mite species 12 were intercepted on fresh produce The mismatches between the types of organisms intercepted and newtoNew Zealand records revealed in this novel analysis indicate that commercially imported fresh produce does not constitute a major pathway for establishment of exotic pests in New Zealand Present phytosanitary measures (pre border border and postborder) appear appropriate to managing the risk




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Frampton, E.R., and K. Nalder. “A Novel Analysis of the Risk of Fresh Produce Imports”. New Zealand Plant Protection 62 (August 1, 2009): 114–123. Accessed December 4, 2021. https://journal.nzpps.org/index.php/nzpp/article/view/4780.




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