Linking biosecurity and biogeography


  • M.K. Kay



The unfathomable complexity of species interactions within biological systems tempts us to impose tidy concepts in an effort to predict or explain how ecosystems react to perturbation through species extinction or invasion The Equilibrium Theory of Island Biogeography (ETIB) contends that islands are inherently at risk of both invasion and extinction of species The appealing logic of the ETIB and a general consensus that biodiversity is linked to ecosystem resilience ie that the loss of biodiversity will result in a loss of ecosystem stability have been cemented into mainstream ecology However the biodiversity ecosystem resilience debate is far from resolved The ETIB treats species as empirical entities and takes no account of how species interactions evolve to determine the way ecosystems function The Island Resource Allocation (IRA) hypothesis offers a testable alternative explanation of how ecosystems function and could be considered by biosecurity agencies in assessing ecological risk of introduced species




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