Penetration of <i>Trichoderma harzianum</i> into grapevine wood from treated pruning wounds


  • I.C. Harvey
  • J.S. Hunt



Vinevaxtrade; (containing a mixture of strains of the fungus Trichoderma harzianum) is normally applied as soon as possible after grapevine pruning However using a range of six timings after pruning from immediate to 4 days later it was shown that the best penetration of the fungi into the wood was with treatment at approximately 5 h after pruning A novel method of measuring penetration and vigour of the growth of Trichoderma spp into grape wood is described A second trial using a range of concentrations of Vinevaxtrade; (at and below label rates) was applied as a general cover spray over dormant pruned vines The percentage incidence and vigour of penetration of the T harzianum into canes was concentration dependent and lower than the targeted handapplied treatment earlier in the season Therefore targeted timely applications of the product appear to be best for good wood penetration of T harzianum




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Harvey, I. and Hunt, J. 2006. Penetration of &lt;i&gt;Trichoderma harzianum&lt;/i&gt; into grapevine wood from treated pruning wounds. New Zealand Plant Protection. 59, (Aug. 2006), 343–347. DOI: