Susceptibility of <i>Scaptomyza flava</i> (Diptera Drosophilidae) to insecticides


  • N.A. Martin
  • P.J. Workman
  • D. Hedderley



The leaf miner Scaptomyza flava (Diptera Drosophilidae) can damage Asian brassicas Methods of control are required that are compatible with biological control of the lepidopteran pests that also damage this crop Laboratory bioassays compared the susceptibility of adult flies and first instar larvae in leaf mines to 12 insecticides registered for use on brassicas and the insecticide abamectin The efficacy of seven insecticides were compared in two field trials with Joi Choi and Pak Choi and the survival of a larval/pupal parasitoid Asobara persimilis (Hymenoptera Braconidae) was assessed Adult and larval flies were susceptible to nine insecticides In the field trials abamectin deltamethrin endosulfan and fipronil gave good control of fly larvae Parasitoids emerged in treatments where fly larvae survived to pupate ie abamectin endosulfan maldison spinosad and indoxacarb




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Martin, N., Workman, P. and Hedderley, D. 2006. Susceptibility of &lt;i&gt;Scaptomyza flava&lt;/i&gt; (Diptera Drosophilidae) to insecticides. New Zealand Plant Protection. 59, (Aug. 2006), 228–234. DOI:




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