The effect of competition and use of fertiliser on the seedling emergence of introduced gorse (<i>Ulex europaea</i>) and Scotch broom (<i>Cytisus scoparius</i>)


  • N.J. Ledgard



The effect of varying levels of rangeland vegetation competition as modified by application of fertiliser on the establishment of introduced Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) and gorse (Ulex europaeus) was monitored over a five year period Two growing seasons after fertiliser addition vascular plant cover in the fertilised plots was twofold greater than in the control plots After 5 years higher levels of vascular plant cover induced a highly significant (Plt;00001) threefold reduction in emergence of gorse from 37 in the control to 12 in the fertilised treatment (Plt;00001) However higher levels of vascular plant cover had no significant (Plt;064) effect on emergence of broom which was 42 in the untreated and 39 in the fertilised treatment with high vascular plant cover Implications for gorse and broom invasion and management are discussed




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Ledgard, N.J. “The Effect of Competition and Use of Fertiliser on the Seedling Emergence of Introduced Gorse (&lt;i&gt;Ulex europaea&lt;/i&gt;) and Scotch Broom (&lt;i&gt;Cytisus scoparius&lt;/i&Gt;)”. New Zealand Plant Protection 59 (August 1, 2006): 8–11. Accessed January 28, 2022.