Speciesspecific PCR primers for <i>Guignardia citricarpa</i> and <i>Guignardia mangiferae</i>


  • K.R. Everett
  • J. Rees-George




The plant pathogen Guignardia citricarpa causes citrus black spot and is not considered to be present in New Zealand Speciesspecific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) primers were designed to identify G citricarpa and G mangiferae a closely related saprotroph that is present in New Zealand These PCR primers were tested against a range of other saprotrophic and pathogenic fungi viz Botrytis cinerea Botryosphaeria dothidea B parva Cladosporium sp Colletotrichum acutatum C gloeosporioides Cryptosporiopsis sp Epicoccum sp Nigrospora sp Penicillium sp Pestalotia sp Phialophora sp Phlyctema sp Phoma sp Phomopsis sp Stemphylium sp and Venturia inaequalis The primers JRGGc were specific to G citricarpa and JRGGm to G mangiferae A 226 bp product was amplified from G mangiferae DNA using JRGGm primers and a 501 bp product was amplified from G citricarpa DNA using JRGGc primers These primers thus distinguished G citricarpa from G mangiferae and can be used to rapidly identify incursions by citrus black spot




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Everett, K. and Rees-George, J. 2006. Speciesspecific PCR primers for &lt;i&gt;Guignardia citricarpa&lt;/i&gt; and &lt;i&gt;Guignardia mangiferae&lt;/i&gt;. New Zealand Plant Protection. 59, (Aug. 2006), 141–145. DOI:https://doi.org/10.30843/nzpp.2006.59.4457.




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