Seed coating with biocontrol strain <i>Pseudomonas fluorescens</i> F113


  • M. O'Callaghan
  • J. Swaminathan
  • J. Lottmann
  • D.A. Wright
  • T.A. Jackson



Pseudomonas fluorescens strain F113 which has biocontrol capacity against the plant pathogenic fungus Pythium ultimum was formulated and applied to onion seed using patented biopolymer technology developed at AgResearch Lincoln Initial loadings on seeds ranged between 86 x 10611 x 107 bacteria/seed In a preliminary screening of four different formulations shelf life studies indicated that most formulations maintained high cell numbers on seed stored at 4deg;C for up to 70 days Bacterial numbers declined on seed stored at 20deg;C but significant numbers of bacteria remained viable after 70 days storage In a second experiment the two formulations giving best shelflife at 20deg;C were monitored for stability at 20deg;C for 4 weeks Packaging material had a significant effect on bacterial survival on seed Germination of freshly treated seeds was not affected by seed treatment The study has demonstrated the potential to treat seed with fluorescent pseudomonads with biocontrol capability




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O’Callaghan, M., Swaminathan, J., Lottmann, J., Wright, D. and Jackson, T. 2006. Seed coating with biocontrol strain &lt;i&gt;Pseudomonas fluorescens&lt;/i&gt; F113. New Zealand Plant Protection. 59, (Aug. 2006), 80–85. DOI:




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