Susceptibility of New Zealand wheat cultivars to sharp eyespot


  • M.G. Cromey
  • R.C. Butler
  • C.A. Munro
  • S.C. Shorter



The susceptibility of 12 New Zealand wheat cultivars to sharp eyespot (caused by Rhizoctonia cerealis) was examined in three autumnsown field trials in the 200405 growing season Moderate to high disease incidence was recorded in two of the trials and low levels occurred in the third While disease incidence was high in at least some plots of most cultivars low incidence was recorded in all plots of two cultivars and all but two plots of two other cultivars These trials provide evidence that at least 2 of the 12 cultivars have useful levels of resistance to sharp eyespot and that several cultivars are highly susceptible Ranking of the more susceptible cultivars varied between locations Further work is required to determine whether this is due to genetic interactions between hosts and pathogens or whether relative susceptibility of cultivars to sharp eyespot can be affected by environment




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Cromey, M., Butler, R., Munro, C. and Shorter, S. 2005. Susceptibility of New Zealand wheat cultivars to sharp eyespot. New Zealand Plant Protection. 58, (Aug. 2005), 268–272. DOI:




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